• EcoPartnerships cover a wide range of most pressing energy and environmental issues. Focus areas of current and previous EcoPartnerships include clean energy and efficiency, emissions and climate change, and environment and wildlife. Currently, there are 36 EcoPartnerships that involve more than 10 provinces and municipals in China and 15 states in the US. Take a look at active and graduated EcoPartnerships from both a map view and a table view.

  • EcoPartnerships are regularly making the news, hosting impactful events, and influencing their peers in China, the U.S., and beyond. Learn more about their current activities.

  • The U.S. – China EcoPartnerships program offers subnational organizations from each country a unique opportunity to pair-up and demonstrate breakthrough energy and environmental solutions. The 2017 application period is now open. For more information visit the Apply Page, and be sure to submit your application before 11:59 a.m. Wednesday, May 31st Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).