EcoPartnerships Singles

Many organizations have expressed interest in applying to the program, but do not have a partner from the other country. In order to facilitate this opportunity, the Secretariat established a platform for single organizations to post information about their team and proposed areas of collaboration so that can find a match.

In order to be featured as a single on the EcoPartnerships website, fill-out and submit the singles profile, below. The Secretariat will review the form for completeness and post it as soon as possible. If you find a partner, you may apply to join the program during the next solicitation. Having a profile posted to the website is not a guarantee that one will ultimately find a partner with whom to apply to the program, or get selected as an EcoPartnership.

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Singles Profile Template
Any information provided is voluntary and at the discretion of the organization seeking to have its profile listed on the EcoPartnerships website, which is fully accessible to the public. The profile may be removed at any time by notifying [email protected].
Location, type (business, non-profit, university, city, etc.), core activities, etc.
e.g. We propose a partnership that will enable energy efficiency improvements of 30% in industrial facilities in the U.S. and China through an innovative...
e.g. Our team represents 50 years of combined expertise in the field of...
e.g. We would like to partner with a company from China that specializes in...