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May 18, 2011

Heather Quinley Speaks on Duke-Charlotte-ENN-Langfang EcoPartnership

Heather Quinley, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Duke Energy speaks on Duke-Charlotte-ENN-Langfang EcoPartnership, which identifies innovative approaches to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy to U.S.

May 10, 2011

Remarks at U.S.-China EcoPartnerships Signing Ceremony

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I am delighted to welcome you to the Treaty Room this morning for such a special occasion. I especially want to thank our Chinese guests who have flown here to be part of the third Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Minister Xie Zhenhua and Director General Ma Xin as well as all the other Chinese colleagues are most welcome. And of course, I want to welcome all of our American eco-partners who have also come from across our country to sign these landmark agreements.