Jiangsu China-U.S. Environmental Monitoring Co. Ltd. Held Acceptance Meeting for the Monitoring and Early Warning System in Dafeng Chemical Industrial Park

March 23, 2018
Expert Review and Acceptance Meeting

The Ramboll Environ and Jiangsu China-U.S. Environmental Monitoring Co. Ltd. (EMCUS) EcoPartnership completed an expert review and acceptance meeting on January 30, 2018 for its real-time air emissions monitoring system demonstration in the Dafeng Chemical Industrial Park.

The meeting included four experts from Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environment and Science, Jiangsu Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau of Jiangsu Province and Yancheng Environment Monitoring Station of Jiangsu Province. The expert group had a full understanding and discussion of the project, and gave a high evaluation: “This project is the demonstration project under the China-U.S. EcoPartnerships Program. This project has advanced monitoring technology in the air quality monitoring in chemical industrial parks, and the traceability and early-warning software has great value of promotion and application.” 

The Ramboll Environ and EMCUS EcoPartnership leverages advanced FTIR monitoring equipment from the U.S. and an air quality traceability and early-warning software from China. The success of the Dafeng Demonstration Project shows great application potential in China’s 3,046 chemical industrial parks (plants). EMCUS has launched new projects in Jiaxing (Zhejiang), Wujiang (Jiangsu), Hubei and Fujian. the Dafeng demonstration project has been accepted and approved by Jiangsu province and Yancheng city; has reported results to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC); and will hold a China-U.S. exhibition of the technology in Dafeng in mid-2018.

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