Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Shandong Academy of Science Help Shape Shandong’s 13th Five Year Plan Energy Policy

April 07, 2016
Training local government officials to use LBNL’s BEST Tool in Jinan, Shandong

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)/Shandong Academy of Science (SDAS) EcoPartnership analyzed Shandong’s energy demand and energy cap utilizing the Green Resources & Energy Analysis Tool (GREAT) developed by LBNL's China Energy Group. This analysis will serve as the scientific basis for energy policies adopted under the 13th Five Year Plan by Shandong's Development and Reform Commission. 

Alongside this, SDAS has trained over 100 government officials from Jinan, Shandong on LBNL’s BEST Tool, which provides city officials with strategies they can follow to reduce carbon and methane emissions. SDAS also recently built capacity beyond Shandong’s borders by training Anhui Province’s Development and Reform Commission and Architecture University on LBNL’s low-carbon city policy planning tools to help Anhui’s cities create action plans for low carbon development.

The LBNL/SDAS EcoPartnership develops low-carbon, eco-city methodologies, tools, and guidebooks, and disseminates them throughout Shandong Province and beyond. For more information on the EcoPartnerhip, please click here. For more information on the low-carbon city tools, please visit the LBNL China Energy Group website