Sea Turtles 911 and U.S. Ambassador Release Endangered Sea Turtles in the South China Sea

January 26, 2016
Sea Turtles 911 Founder, Frederick Yeh, and U.S. Ambassador, Max Baucus, Release Satellite Tagged Turtle

The Sea Turtles 911 - Hainan Normal University EcoPartnership aims to save sea turtles from extinction in the Asia-Pacific region. They have been hard at work nurturing sea turtles to health, restoring critical habitat, and raising awareness. On January 15th, Sea Turtles 911 founder, Frederick Yeh, was joined by U.S. Ambassador Baucus and volunteers to release the satelitte tagged turtles named "Harvard" and "Yale" into the South China Sea. Under the auspices of the EcoPartnership, the movements of these two turtles will be tracked for conservation research purposes. The satellite data will provide vital information on where to establish Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to focus sea turtle conservation efforts efficiently.  Accordning to Frederick, “Sea turtles are charismatic, migratory animals that serve as natural ambassadors of the ocean; as communities and countries work together to preserve this flagship species for future generations, our shared mission to save sea turtles nurtures a peaceful platform of common grounds to improve community and international relations.”

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