Under Secretary Hormats Speaks on EcoPartnerships in Nanjing

December 06, 2012

The following is a selection from Under Secretary Hormats's speech in Nanjing.And, importantly in all of the above areas, the United States and China share a mutual interest to bring together Chinese and American governors and provincial and municipal leaders to collaborate on economic, energy, and environmental issues, which can provide a series of mutual benefits, including:

  • boosting American exports to China,
  • providing Chinese consumers access to U.S. services and education,
  • promoting scientific exchanges, and
  • encouraging Chinese investment in the United States.

And that's one of the reasons I'm excited to be in Nanjing today, as I'm looking forward to engaging the provincial and municipal leadership on these issues. And yesterday, I was in Hefei where I met with local leaders as well as visited the recently launched Eco-Partnership between Hefei and Columbus, Ohio.This eco-partnership features cooperation projects between Ohio State University and the Hefei University of Technology in the areas of electric vehicle technologies, wetland conservation, energy efficient buildings, and urban planning – a terrific example of a tangible win-win opportunity. I believe there are more opportunities than ever before to make these kinds of connections and make progress in S&T cooperation. And, of course, American companies already are cooperating with Chinese counterparts.