U.S. – China EcoPartnerships Newsletter - Issue#2 - January 2015

January 21, 2015

Welcome to the January 2015 installment of the U.S. – China EcoPartnerships Newsletter.

The six new partnerships formed in 2014 quickly joined the ranks of existing participants that are hard at work demonstrating innovative energy, environment, and climate-savvy concepts.

Exciting updates from across the portfolio are included in this issue.

We enjoyed a fruitful "virtual meeting" in December 2014 that allowed EcoPartners to share ideas with their peers, and the next gathering will be the annual in-person workshop this summer in Washington D.C.

The 2015 solicitation for new EcoPartnerships will be opening soon. Stay tuned and be sure to spread news of this unique opportunity once the Secretariat makes the formal announcement. There are only a few select slots and the number of applications is likely to reach a new record this year.

Thank you for your continued efforts to make EcoPartnerships such a renowned initiative. Congratulations on a job well done and, as always, keep the Secretariat posted on how we can be of service!