NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management


Demand side management to cut energy use in Beijing's buildings.

Work Plan: 
Task 1
BEEC will identity the local needs when carrying out DSM program design, implementation and evaluation. NRDC will introduce US best practices and provide access to expertise.
Task 2
Organize trainings to help raise awareness and increase expertise in related policies and technologies of government officials, utility staffers and other experts in the relevant fields.
Task 3
BEEC will select Beijing’s successful DSM implementation experiences, and NRDC will help showcase the experience throughout China and internationally.
Task 4
BEEC will assist the Beijing Development and Reform Commission in the DSM program implementation and is in need for understanding hands-on experience at the enterprise level internationally. NRDC will establish an information exchange platform to enhance understanding between enterprises in U.S. and China.