Natural Resources Defense Council - Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau


Establish market mechanisms for energy demand response, integrate renewable energy into power grids, and develop best practices for the design of electricity pricing and grid planning policies.

This EcoPartnership will work on the following areas:

  • Apply virtual power plant technologies
  • Solve challenges related to data-driven grid planning and optimized operation under the market mechanism
  • Solve issues related to the mutual influence of demand-side response and power supply quality
  • Mitigate bottlenecks of data access and information transmission
  • Solve issues with actual implementation and operation of business models and supporting policies

Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Establish two demonstration areas for the balanced supply-demand interaction of green power (Nanshan Yuehai area, Dapeng new area)
  • Establish a multiple user access platform for the balanced power supply-demand interaction within urban areas
  • Establish a centralized dispatching virtual power plant with a scale of 20MW
Work Plan: 
Task 1
Research new business models with regards to power supply-demand interaction, development potentials, and required supporting policies under the market competition mechanism.
Task 2
Establish household energy management systems based on “Internet Plus”.
Task 3
Explore demand-side response interaction systems for multiple commercial and industrial consumers (including new energy vehicles) based on the distribution grid.