The core of the EcoPartnerships program is the peer-to-peer collaboration that occurs at the partner level. These partners pursue innovative pilot projects that are recognized and facilitated by a Secretariat in each country. The Secretariats are overseen and funded by the U.S. and Chinese governments. Subject matter experts with a wealth of technical and market expertise manage the day-to-day operations of the Secretariats, their engagement with the current EcoPartnerships, and others that may want to get involved.

The Secretariats rely on Advisory Committees from each country to select new EcoPartnerships among the many applications that are received each year. The U.S. Advisory committee is comprised of officials from the Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and Environmental Protection Agency. The Chinese Advisory Committee is comprised of officials from the National Development and Reform Commission and other key ministries.

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