Caterpillar Reman - Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co. Ltd


Advance and scale up the remanufacturing industry in the United States and China.

Key Accomplishments:

Completed the first version of a methodology that will analyze material savings, energy savings, water savings, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from remanufacturing.  

Participated in the China International Circular Economy Exhibition in Beijing from November 23-25, 2016.

Work Plan: 
Task 1: Conduct Remanufacturing Energy Conservation Research
Conduct research on remanufacturing energy conservation in order to quantify the energy saving impact based on collection and analysis of the data from remanufacturing firms. Eventually set up a big data system on remanufacturing energy conservation.
Task 2: Conduct Smart Remanufacturing Upgrade Demonstration
Conduct a smart remanufacturing upgrade demonstration, including an upgrade of the current fuel injector production line initiated in 2015, which will represent the highest standard of remanufacturing.