Columbia University – Baotou Steel Group


The ultimate goal of this partnership is zero-waste via the comprehensive utilization of iron and steel slags with added potential benefits of: reducing the land for the stockpile or landfill of the iron and steel slags; reducing the carbon emission of the iron and steel industries; converting the waste into valuable feedstocks and products for several other cross-industries; and maximizing the overall sustainability of the iron and steel industry in terms of the environmental and economic impacts.

Key Accomplishments:

In October 2016, a lab demonstration unit was commissioned at Columbia University with a target annual capacity of 10 metric ton slag per year. In December 2016, Baotou Steel delegates visited Columbia University to observe the operation of the demo unit and to assess generated products. Baotou Steel and Columbia teams discussed the plan for the next pilot scale project to be performed at Baotou Steel in China. Conducted media advisory on May 25, 2017 at the Columbia Global Center in Beijing for major US and Chinese news outlets (Bloomberg, AP, Wall Street Journal, People’s Daily, etc.) to advance the EcoPartnership between Columbia Engineering and China’s Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co. to develop and pilot a technology to repurpose iron and steel slag. Please visit here for the full story.  

GreenOre CleanTech LLC, a Columbia spin-off was founded in 2016 working with Columbia Technology Venture. One of the first efforts by GreenOre is the further implementation of the slag treatment technology in China.
A joint venture between GreenOre and Baotou Steel was launched in December 2017.
Work Plan: 
Task 1
Design, construct and operate a lab-scale demonstration unit for carbon mineralization with Baogang slags at Columbia University by June 2016.
Task 2
Scale-up the slag processing unit to 0.5 megaton of slags per year and complete the construction at Baotou Steel by December 2017.
Task 3
Full-capacity operation of the 0.5 megaton processing unit at Baotou Steel site by December 2018.