Columbus/Franklin County-Hefei

Advance water quality, watershed management, and clean transportation technologies.

1. Water Quality – Focus on three specific areas to enhance environmental quality and resilience: identification of pollutants and contamination of significant bodies of water, remediation of water resources and natural areas and contamination, and prevention of further pollution through cooperative strategies and agreement across multiple levels of government. In this process we will target three main tools: Geographic Information Systems, education, and jurisdictional management to deliver advanced technology and services. We will present technologies/strategies associated with urban and agricultural run-off.

 2.  Watershed Management – As tools for implementation, we will explore the link between the preservation and development of natural systems as a critical water filtration function, and land use planning and project design. We will examine storm water management techniques and technologies associated with isolating pollution sources currently underway in Franklin County to build resilience. We propose to learn details of the eco-compensation program and how it might lead farmers to reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers, exploring the concept of water emissions trading among farmers and companies.

 3. Clean and Efficient Transportation – Foster the existing partnership between Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR), Shanghi JiaoTong University (SJTU) Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) - Jianghuai Automobile Company (JAC) – a leading automotive company in China -  to collaborate in developing new electrified vehicle (EV) products to meet new fuel economy standards in China (a situation similar to new CAFÉ standards in the US).  Advances in EV/ battery technologies are an on-going area of collaboration between Franklin County and Hefei which is making significant progress as a result of our on-going research. The ultimate result is enhanced air-quality both in the United States and China.

 4. Energy Efficiency - Efforts will be placed on policy development for energy usage in buildings, and technologies associated with monitoring energy usage and operation of hi-performance buildings. The development of advanced building systems and construction techniques will be jointly explored, developed and demonstrated as part of this collaboration.

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Mobilize Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio to collaborate with Hefei on MSW methane to energy projects.
Task 2
Develop an online portal of all infrastructure bids that Columbus/Franklin firms can view and apply for.
Task 3
Compare energy efficiency programs and audits for buildings, building technologies in Hefei and Franklin County.
Task 4
Conduct symposium of public/private building and construction management to discuss LEED and 3-Star energy and resilient construction.