Duke Energy-Charlotte-ENN-Langfang


Duke Energy and ENN, the founding private sector partners, will focus their activities on technology exchange, trials and demonstration projects. An action plan has already been developed for five technology projects. The five projects include: solar power demonstrations, testing new substation battery capabilities, smart grid and grid management optimization, demonstrating how residential customers can manage their energy use, and testing community battery storage capability. Projects specifically related to increasing energy efficiency are anticipated as well, related to system energy efficiency.

This technical collaboration will be complimented by the exchange of best practices at the state and municipal level. The city of Charlotte and the city of Langfang will focus the early stages of their EcoPartnership collaboration on the issues of energy efficiency education and local community action and share best practices in economic development programs to attract investment and jobs in clean energy to the City and the State. The city of Charlotte brings its experience with the DOE-funded Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, which has been used in part to fund the Neighborhood Energy Challenge. This program encourages Charlotte, N.C. neighborhoods to compete against each other to become the most energy efficient.