GE-Harbin Advanced High Efficiency, Low-emissions Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

Top performing gas turbine combined-cycle power plant.

GE (China) Co. Ltd. and Harbin Electric Company Ltd. (HEC) are cooperating for heavy duty gas turbine and combined cycle power plant development, project bidding and construction work.

GE-HEC EcoPartnership is directly related to and will advance China's environmental and energy policies. In recent years, the Chinese government has dramatically expanded its efforts to promote eco-civilization, environment protection and high efficiency energy utilization through the development and deployment of innovative and advanced technologies. The EcoParntership project will feature the design, manufacturing and demonstration of high efficiency, low emission gas turbine combined cycle power generation. The project will be fully aligned with recent new emission policy requirements in China and shows great potential for future development in China.

In addition, the EcoPartnership will serve to enhance Chinese state-owned enterprise management and technical skills, including gas turbine related technology development and upgrade capabilities.

Key Accomplishments:

08/2014 – Sign 9HA Technology Agreement; start marketing. 

09/2014 – CC plant design chat w. customer & design institutes.  

11/2014 – Steam turbine & generator technology agreements.  

12/2014 – 1st bid & technical classification for a customer. 

03/2015 – 9HA promotion at annual user conference. 

05/2015 – Bid for new 9HA project. 

06/2015 – Seminar on 9HA for customers and designers.

On March 14, 2017, in Shanghai, China’s Harbin Electric Corporation (HE) has awarded GE a contract to provide GE’s largest and most efficient gas turbine, the 9HA, for the 650-megawatt (MW) Huadian Tianjin Junliangcheng VI gas combined-cycle power plant project (“Junliangcheng”). 

Work Plan: 
Task 1
GE and HEC signed 9HA Technology Transfer Agreement in August 2014.
Task 2
Complete full load test at full speed for 9HA heavy-duty gas turbine.
Task 3
Complete first version 9HA gas turbine combined cycle reference power plant design.
Task 4
Complete 9HA gas turbine and combined cycle system optimization target for a specific project.
Task 5
HEC to complete 9HA gas turbine technology transfer and local adaptation.
Task 6
Identify a project in China for technology deployment.
Task 7
Complete commercial operation of first 9HA gas turbine in China.