ISC-NCSC: Low-Carbon Urban Development


Champion sustainable development initiatives at the local level.

Key Accomplishments:

Conducted capacity assessments that underpin capacity building plans for numerous organizations. 

Delivered training modules to 17 organizations on project management, stakeholder engagement, enviro regulations.

Project implementation support for 5 organizations on recycling, solar homes, water quality, food safety, etc.

Learning exchange between 10 Guangdong Vice Mayors and S.E. Florida Regional Climate Change Compact on regional governance for mitigation and resilience.

A draft of the Chenggong Low Carbon Community Upgrading Strategy of the Wanxichong community was presented to the Chenggong Housing and Construction Bureau and Wanxichong community stakeholders. 

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Develop and communicate recommendations for low carbon urban development,leading to improved policies and implementations.
Task 2
Conduct 2-4 exchange activities every year to share best practices among U.S. and Chinese cities, seed and assist 10-15 cities with designing and implementing concrete projects such as carbon inventories, developing low carbon industrial parks, and green infrastructure initiatives.
Task 3
Demonstrate at least 5 concrete projects in Chinese cities. Establish a 1000-member learning network for champions who come from government, business, NGOs and academics.