Minerals Technologies, Inc. - Sun Paper and Tsinghua University


To repurpose 100% of the lime mud produced in the paper making process. to pilot new technology at Sun Paper’s mill in Yanzhou, Shandong Province.

Key Accomplishments:

MTI and Sun Paper have overcome the initial hurdle with their first full-scale pilot plant at Sun Paper's mill in Yangzhou, Shandong, which has been moved to commercial production since September, 2016. Government officials from Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) were invited to tour the production plant and shared their perspective in October, 2016. With continuous process optimization and product application breakthrough, the plant since March, 2017 has been capable of converting virtually 100% of the lime mud waste from Sun Paper into usable paper filling products for use across all major paper machines with acceptable quality. 

MTI was well received at the participation of the China PaperChem Conference and Green Expo Exhibition in November, 2016 on the NewYield project presentations.

MTI organized a special NewYield Forum supported by China Paper Association, Sun Paper and Tsinghua University on April 18, 2017 in Yangzhou, Shandong to share the latest success of NewYield Technology deployment at Sun Paper and further milestones in pursuing technology development and implementation to a broader paper industry. 

Major Milestones of the NewYield® Technology Development 

  • 2016 - start up NewYield® pilot plant at Sun Paper
  • 2017 - doubled NewYield production volume to 27k MT with continuous process and operations improvements
  • End of 2017 - achieved 100% repurpose of lime mud from Sun Paper to usable paper filling products
  • Q1 2018 - standardized NewYield® Process & Technology & Initiated 5 potential NewYield® projects in China paper industry