Mississippi River - Yangtze River


Known as the Mississippi-Yangtze EcoPartnership, this partnership will focus activities on experience sharing, technique exchange and demonstration projects in areas including fisheries monitoring and habitat conservation.

Key Accomplishments:

Building on the multi-year fisheries science exchange of the EcoPartnerhip, in December 2016 the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture announced that a full year fishing moratorium had been successfully completed on the Chishui River, a key tributary of the Upper Yangtze Rare and Endemic Fish Protection Area, where the Nature Conservancy is also working with the China Three Gorges Dam Corporation to return the Chishui to a near-natural condition.

Building on the China-U.S. Asian Carp Exchange developed by this EcoPartnership, the Zhejiang Beimei Agricultural Development Company opened an Asian Carp processing plant in Greenwood, Illinois.  The plant's operations have helped reduce the populations of various invasive Asian Carp species in the area.

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Strengthen communication and visiting between the Yangtze and the Mississippi Rivers, promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation among research institutes in China and the U.S.
Task 2
Improve technology and method of survey, monitoring, planning and evaluation of fishery resources in the Yangtze River Basin.
Task 3
Develop research on effects of stock enhancement on rare and endemic fish species and important economic fish species, and promote the setup of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for stock enhancement.
Task 4
Plan for recognition and protection of priority protected areas the Yangtze, effectiveness evaluation of aquatic protected areas and developed Conservation Action Plan.
Task 5
Develop research on effectiveness of fishing ban regulations, improve regulations of fishing ban, and on impact assessment of fishing ban adjustment on fishermen’s livelihoods, and promote feasibility adjustment plan.