Partnership: Mississippi River - Yangtze River

Our cooperation with China is to foster cross-basin and cross-culture sharing of lessons learned and best practices on the effective conservation of large river systems, specifically the Yangtze and Mississippi.


The Nature Conservancy's Great Rivers Partnership and Yangtze River Basin Fisheries Resources Management Commission
Implementation Plan: 

Known as the Mississippi-Yangtze EcoPartnership, this partnership will focus activities on experience sharing, technique exchange and demonstration projects. An action plan has been developed on six cooperation aspects, including fisheries monitoring, habitats conservation, sustainable fisheries policy, integrated river basin management, environmental flows and invasive species. On-site demonstrations are anticipated as well, specifically at the Upper, the Middle and Lower Yangtze, and a joint effort on Asian carps in the Mississippi Basin. Meanwhile a Joint EcoPartnership team and office have been established for effective implementation.With the joint effort of additional partners such as the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Caterpillar, Inc., the Mississippi-Yangtze EcoPartnership will promote eight  objectives:

  1. Strengthened capacity building on science conservation and effective management on fisheries and habitats
  2. Strengthened network on fisheries monitoring along the Yangtze
  3. Improved habitat protection by method sharing of ecosystems regional analysis (ERA) and conservation action planning (CAP)
  4. Operational environmental flows for the Xiangjiaba and Three Gorges Dams
  5. Promotion of policy on sustainable fisheries management
  6. Promotion of river management practice, specifically lessons learned on integrated river basin management
  7. Shared techniques on invasive species like Asian Carp along the Mississippi drawing on management practice of the Yangtze
  8. On-site demonstration for practice and learning