NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management


Demand side management to cut energy use in Beijing's buildings.

Key Accomplishments:

A total of 800 MW power load were shifted or reduced during 2013 – 2015, 150 MW of which was from demand response projects with the rest from energy efficiency projects.
Through frequent exchanges of business opportunities, technical expertise, and policy design, US and China learned from each other, which helped Beijing build capacity and also helped the U.S. explore opportunities in China. 
A good organization structure was established learning from demand side management (DSM) implementation models in the US.
Beijing’s overall capacity for implementing DSM projects has been greatly increased, and particularly energy service companies made significant improvements.
A DSM data collection and information platform was established through a series of in-depth and interactive discussions among key stakeholders.
Work Plan: 
Task 1
BEEC will identity the local needs when carrying out DSM program design, implementation and evaluation. NRDC will introduce US best practices and provide access to expertise.
Task 2
Organize trainings to help raise awareness and increase expertise in related policies and technologies of government officials, utility staffers and other experts in the relevant fields.
Task 3
BEEC will select Beijing’s successful DSM implementation experiences, and NRDC will help showcase the experience throughout China and internationally.
Task 4
BEEC will assist the Beijing Development and Reform Commission in the DSM program implementation and is in need for understanding hands-on experience at the enterprise level internationally. NRDC will establish an information exchange platform to enhance understanding between enterprises in U.S. and China.