Partnership: NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management

Policy Research, Capacity Building and encourage relevant service providers in U.S. and China to enter each other’s market


Enabling the Expansion of Energy Efficiency Efforts in Cities throughout China: Assisting Beijing to Set an Example of Successful Demand Side Management (DSM) City Pilot
Focus Areas: 
Implementation Plan: 

Concept: Help Beijing build a successful and replicable DSM city pilot through result-oriented collaboration which include policy research, technical support, program design and implementation, and capacity building training workshops.

Outcome in U.S.: Increased understanding and collaboration by introducing successful U.S. DSM practices to China, including policy mechanisms, evaluation tools, intellectual expertise and technology applications.

Outcome in China: Successful achievement of Beijing’s DSM city pilot to save or shift 800 MW of peak load by 2015, as well as construction of a comprehensive and replicable DSM implementation model.   

Results:We will promote and encourage the replication of Beijing’s success by organizing workshops, presenting at conferences, producing factsheets and reports, and exchanging information with other cities in China as well as internationally.