NYIT-PKU: Clean Water Management

Tools for monitoring water quality in urban environments; water-food-energy nexus.

New York Institute of Technology, Peking University, Wuhan University, the International Society for Water Solutions of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and an industrial partner HDR/HydroQual formed an EcoPartnership in 2013. The partners are jointly advancing innovative water quality models, real-time water monitoring tools and information systems, water scarcity and hydrologic simulations, and techniques for water management during hydraulic fracturing. These goals are being pursued through a combination of pilot demonstration projects, research on the next generation of technologies, and practical training and community outreach (through conferences and workshops). This comprehensive approach will help foster water quality, management, and conservation in China and the U.S.

Recently, NYIT and PKU hosted a conference on "Sustainable Megacities" in Beijing. For more informartion, please visit the News section.

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Enhance, test and verify MT3DMS; Formulate a technical guide on comprehensive groundwater contamination assessment in China; Apply this technology to develop a first model of contaminant transport in Beijing’s local aquifer.
Task 2
Develop, test and verify technological innovations for water detection and water; Conduct field experiments and collect data; Outreach to local communities, and professional training .
Task 3
Organize training, workshops and conference(s) to demonstrate and showcase research findings and technology innovations.