The Port of Los Angeles - Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission


1. Improve Shanghai Port’s capabilities in strategy and policy development and new technology, and identify Chinese best practices for possible use at POLA. Through the cooperative program, Shanghai Port and POLA will work together on shore-power program development, including potential new rules and regulations, example electricity rate structures, shower power international equipment standards, and potential incentive programs. 

2. Conduct shore power application pilot program at Shanghai containership terminals and/or a cruise ship terminal to reduce air emissions from hoteling at the berth. 

Key Accomplishments: 

By the end of 2017, Shanghai has built 13 high voltage shore-based power facilities covering 19 berths at container, bulk and cruise terminals, including Wusong Cruise terminal and YanshanGuandong container port.
In 2017, Wusong and YangshangGuandong terminals have provided 110,910 kWh and 299,300 kWh of power to vessels, respectively, which in total saved 102.55 tons of fuels, cut 300 tons of CO2, 3.08 tons of SOx, 3.97 tons of NOx, and 1.11 tons of PM.
Work Plan: 
Task 1, in 2014
Establish an inter-port shore power working group to establish a regular schedule for shore power communication between the two Ports. Shanghai Port will assign roles and responsibilities, determine routine and non-routine coordination efforts.
Task 2, in 2015
Complete “Study of Policy Requirements for Implementing Shore Power at the Shanghai Port.” The inter-port working group with explore also begin exploring the feasibility of establishing a US-China Green Shipping Route program.
Task 3, in 2016
Develop Shanghai Port ocean-going vessel air emission reduction roadmap and associated policy. Develop policies, rules, and regulations for emission control areas (ECA) and ocean-going vessels.
Task 4, in 2017
Study Shanghai Port’s shore power for ocean-going vessels and associated technical issues and solutions. Conduct feasibility study for expanding shore power to other Pacific ports by the Port of Los Angeles.