Purdue – CAS


Assess degradation of terrestrial natural resources due to land use changes and population growth.

On Oct 20-24, 2015 Purdue University hosted a conference and workshop dedicated to Critical Zone Science, Sustainability, and Services in a Changing World. Organized by the U.S.-China EcoPartnership for Environmental Sustainability, the Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), and the Working Group on Organic Matter Dynamics in the Critical Zone Observatory Network, the conference attracted broad institutional participation with 22 U.S. and 16 Chinese academic and research institutions represented to share the latest science related to terrestrial ecosystem function and vulnerability, and to discuss and debate options for sustainable use of natural resources. For more informaiton, please visit our News section.

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Develop a dual language (English/Chinese) website to promote activities and events organized by Purdue's USCEES.
Task 2
Fund joint USCEES research or center level proposals simultaneously by US and Chinese agencies.
Task 3
Continue faculty and student exchanges and establish a NSF-funded Critical Zone Observatory Chinese Visiting Scholars Network.
Task 4
Develop revenue generating workshops offered in the US and China on issues related to environmental sustainability.
Task 5
Demonstrate transfer of University or Institute technology to the business or public sector to solve technical problem in some aspect of environmental sustainability.