Partnership: SBU-Tongji Innovative Biogas Management

Designing Effective Generation System for Management of Biogas Upgraded for Highest End Purposes


Stony Brook University/Brookhaven Town-Tongji University/Shanghai City: Designing Effective Generation System for Management of Biogas (from Solid Waste Facilities) Upgraded for Highest End Purposes (Pipeline Quality and Transportation Fuels)
Implementation Plan: 


SBU visit to Tongji in 2009 identified complementary expertise in biogas management.

SBU: National Science Foundation (NSF) and Industry funded Center for Bioenergy Research and Development (CBERD); Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center (AERTC).

Tongji: Designated State Key Laboratory


•Promote Stony Brook-Tongji collaborative research by partnering with Brookhaven Town, Shanghai Municipal Government and local businesses.
•Design effective systems for biogas management, upgrade to transportation fuels.
•Leverage AERTC fuels R&D facility for training and technology evaluation, develop a business case for technology deployment.

Outcomes in U.S. and China:

• Improved technology for low-height methane recovery and biogas purification in collaboration with Industry (All Power Labs and Oberon Fuels, Onyx).
• Utilize inactive and large landfills in burgeoning Chinese cities for deploying technology for effective methane capture and local fuel production to curb GHG emissions.  

Desired Outcomes:

  • Training professionals and graduate students from both Countries at fuel synthesis facilities.
  • Design and deploy an economical skid-mounted biogas to biofuels technology.