University of Southern California - Bayeco


Develop the Transient Plasma technology in coal-fired combustion devices in China to ensure a decrease in harmful emissions (NOx, SOx, and VOCs) in the next 5-10 years.

Key Accomplishments:

Completed in-depth research on USC's transient-plasma technology and found multiple potential applications, including gas purification, coal-fired thermal power plant ignition, emission reduction for diesel powered engine, and foul odor treatment. 

A feasibility study plan and research and technology development (R&D) roadmap has been developed. 

Bayeco held three green low-carbon technology special international training sessions. Participants included climate change and green low-carbon development delegation composed of officials, technicians and experts from multiple countries. 

Bayeco's "volatile organic matter and nitrogen oxide advanced control technology” has been identified as the 2016 Beijing international scientific and technological cooperation base. 

The New Service Standard, "Environmental Protection Facilities Operation Unit Operational Service Capability Requirements" (T / CAPEI2-2016), compiled by Bayeco in association with other parties, has been published and implemented.