USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center - Beijing Forestry University


Conduct an ecosystem assessment of vegetation, sediment and water dynamics of Dongting Lake and associated floodplains of the Yangtze River, particularly with regards to sedimentation and impoundment.

Key Accomplishments:

The team installed ten surface elevation tables along the hydrology and sediment gradient in West Dongting Lake. A framework for monitoring and implementation was completed, and data on the diversity of vegetation, hydrology alteration, elevation change, and seed bank germination potential are being collected and studied.

In August 2018, Dr. Middleton from USGS visited field sites in West Dongting Lake in China and provided additional technical assistance to improve the investigation and greenhouse gas (GHG) experimentation. The team will soon analyze the monitoring and evaluation data and publish results to provide direction for wetland ecosystem conservation and management in West Dongting Lake.

The EcoPartnership also published an article on the Ecosystems (in press) about the effect of predicted megadrought on the soil seed bank of bald cypress swamp along Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.

Work Plan: 
Task 1: Academic exchange between China and United States
Academic exchange between China and United States will improve the cooperation between two countries in technology, field work approaches and assessment system.
Task 2: Technological exchange
Technological exchange for monitoring and assessment methodology for studies of vegetation, regeneration and sedimentation monitoring.