Wilson Solarpower – Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology


Wilson Solarpower is demonstrating and commercializing a highly-cost-competitive CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) system, the Wilson 247Solar PlantTM, engineered to operate 24/7 everyday of the year independent of weather conditions. The technology aims to, 1) offer electricity, hot water, water purification, crop drying, refrigeration, etc.; 2) be cost-competitive with traditional power generation without a subsidy; and 3) be applicable in large scale and distributed applications in China and the United States.

The EcoPartnership plans to promote the project via China Renewable Energy Association,  U.S. renewable energy media and associations, United Nations solar center, etc. 

Work Plan: 
Task 1
Complete final engineering of initial 247Solar Plant and remaining key components.
Task 2
Build the first reference 247Solar Plant.
Task 3
Commission and operate the 247Solar Plant.