Clean Energy and Efficiency
Emissions and Climate Change
Environment and Wildlife

Clean Energy and Efficiency

2016 Caterpillar Reman - Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co. Ltd

Promote remanufacturing operations into large scale

2016 UniEnergy Technologies - Rongke Power

Deliver large-scale VRFB-based EES solutions to enable increasing penetration of renewables

2015 Boeing – The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)

Aviation biofuels, air traffic management procedures, lean aircraft manufacturing and recycling.

2015 Columbia University – Baotou Steel Group

Utilize steel slag and ironmaking flue gas.

2015 University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research – Jiangsu Wisdom Engineering Technology

The EcoPartnership aims to reduce and control flue gas emissions in energy-intensive industries.

2015 Wilson Solarpower – Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology

Wilson Solarpower is demonstrating and commercializing a highly-cost-compet

2014 GE-Harbin Advanced High Efficiency, Low-emissions Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

GE (China) Co. Ltd. and Harbin Electric Company Ltd.

2014 Philadelphia-Tianjin/TEDA Urban Clean Energy Infrastructures

Advanced building technologies, district level energy performance monitoring, industrial waste water treatment.

2014 Sapphire-SINOPEC Producing Green Algae Crude Oil

Develop and cultivate algae strains for conversion into algae-based crude oil.

2013 NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management

Demand side management to cut energy use in Beijing's buildings.


Emissions and Climate Change

2016 University of Southern California - Bayeco

Clean Air; To control the VOCs and NOx, and provide cleaner air in China.

2014 EDF-SCDF Incorporating Mobile Sources into Shenzhen’s Carbon Trading System

Integrate mobile emissions into Shenzhen's landmark emissions trading system.

2014 LBNL-SDAS Low Carbon Eco-city Development in Shandong Province

Shandong Province is the largest energy consumer and carbon emitter in China.

2014 PoLA-SMTC EcoPartnership on Shore Power

Deploy shore-based power systems.

2013 CocaCola-YRD–CEIT: Sustainable Bio-Plastics

The Coca-Cola Company partners with the Yangtze River Delta Circular Economy Institute of Technol

2013 ISC-NCSC: Low-Carbon Urban Development

Champion sustainable development initiatives at the local level.

2013 RRR-GZICCEP: Coal Mine Methane EcoPartnership Graduated

Capture and utilize coal-bed methane.

2011 Center for Climate Strategies and Global Environment Institute Graduated

Equip provincial officials with training, tools, and methodologies.

2008 Wichita-Wuxi Graduated

Exchange best practices regarding clean air and clean water on a municipal and industrial level.

Environment and Wildlife

2016 Chemical and Metal Technologies - CPI Yuanda Environmental-protection Engineering Co. Ltd.

Demonstrate CMT’s technology for wastewater cleanup and the technology for flue gas treatme

2016 Minerals Technologies, Inc. - Sun Paper

Clean Water; To repurpose 100% of the lime mud produced in the paper making process.

2016 Wetland and Aquatic Research Center - Beijing Forestry University

Conservation of wetlands; Conduct an ecosystem assessment of vegetation, sediment and water

2015 IMACC / Ramboll Environ – Suzhou State Environmental Protection Hitech Industrial Park

The IMACC / Ramboll Environ – Suzhou State Environmental Protection Hitech Industrial Park EcoPar

2015 Sea Turtles 911 – Hainan Normal University

Empower local communities to safeguard the health of the ocean.

2013 NYIT-PKU: Clean Water Management Graduated

New York Institute of Technology, Peking University, Wuhan University, the International Society

2012 ICMA China Center - CUPL

The ICMA-CUPL EcoPartnership promotes good governance and environmental sustainability at the sub

2012 Mississippi River - Yangtze River

The Mississippi-Yangtze EcoPartnership will focus on experience sharing, technique exchange and demonstration projects in the areas of fisheries monitoring and habitat conservation.

2011 Purdue – CAS Graduated

Assess degradation of terrestrial natural resources due to land use changes and population growth.

2008 Tulane - East China Normal University Graduated

Develop a global model for the sustainability of coastal cities.