Clean Energy and Efficiency
Emissions and Climate Change
Environment and Wildlife

Clean Energy and Efficiency

2016 Caterpillar Reman - Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co. Ltd

Advance and scale up remanufacturing industry in the United States and China.

2016 UniEnergy Technologies - Rongke Power

Deliver large-scale flow battery-based energy storage solutions to enable increasing penetration of renewables and to advance grid modernization in both the US and China, and around the globe.

2015 Boeing – The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)

Aviation biofuels, air traffic management procedures, lean aircraft manufacturing and recycling.

2015 Columbia University – Baotou Steel Group

Utilize steel slag and ironmaking flue gas.

2015 University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research – Jiangsu Wisdom Engineering Technology

The EcoPartnership aims to reduce and control flue gas emissions in energy-intensive industries.

2015 Wilson Solarpower – Shenzhen Enesoon Science & Technology

Wilson Solarpower is demonstrating and commercializing a highly-cost-compet

2014 GE-Harbin Advanced High Efficiency, Low-emissions Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

GE (China) Co. Ltd. and Harbin Electric Company Ltd.

2014 Philadelphia-Tianjin/TEDA Urban Clean Energy Infrastructures

Advanced building technologies, district level energy performance monitoring, industrial waste water treatment.

2013 NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management

Demand side management to cut energy use in Beijing's buildings.

2013 SBU-Tongji Innovative Biogas Management

In keeping with the Energy and Environment theme of the EcoPartnership program, the Stony Brook-T


Emissions and Climate Change

2016 University of Southern California - Bayeco

Develop the Transient Plasma technology in coal-fired combustion devices in China to significantly reduce air pollution in the next 5-10 years.

2014 EDF-SCDF Incorporating Mobile Sources into Shenzhen’s Carbon Trading System

Integrate mobile emissions into Shenzhen's landmark emissions trading system.

2014 LBNL-SDAS Low Carbon Eco-city Development in Shandong Province

Shandong Province is the largest energy consumer and carbon emitter in China.

2014 PoLA-SMTC EcoPartnership on Shore Power

Deploy shore-based power systems.

2013 CocaCola-YRD–CEIT: Sustainable Bio-Plastics

The Coca-Cola Company partners with the Yangtze River Delta Circular Economy Institute of Technol

2013 ISC-NCSC: Low-Carbon Urban Development

Champion sustainable development initiatives at the local level.

2013 RRR-GZICCEP: Coal Mine Methane EcoPartnership Graduated

Capture and utilize coal-bed methane.

2011 Center for Climate Strategies and Global Environment Institute Graduated

Equip provincial officials with training, tools, and methodologies.

2008 Wichita-Wuxi Graduated

Exchange best practices regarding clean air and clean water on a municipal and industrial level.

Environment and Wildlife

2016 Chemical and Metal Technologies - CPI Yuanda Environmental-protection Engineering Co. Ltd.

Demonstrate CMT’s technology for wastewater treatment and structure a procedure to evaluate flue gas treatment.

2016 Minerals Technologies, Inc. - Sun Paper

To repurpose 100% of the lime mud produced in the paper making process. to pilot new technology at Sun Paper’s mill in Yanzhou, Shandong Province.

2016 Wetland and Aquatic Research Center - Beijing Forestry University

Conduct an ecosystem assessment of vegetation, sediment and water dynamics of Dongting Lake and associated floodplains of the Yangtze River, particularly with regards to sedimentation and impoundment.

2015 IMACC / Ramboll Environ – Suzhou State Environmental Protection Hitech Industrial Park

The IMACC / Ramboll Environ – Suzhou State Environmental Protection Hitech Industrial Park EcoPar

2015 Sea Turtles 911 – Hainan Normal University

Empower local communities to safeguard the health of the ocean.

2013 NYIT-PKU: Clean Water Management Graduated

New York Institute of Technology, Peking University, Wuhan University, the International Society

2012 ICMA China Center - CUPL

The ICMA-CUPL EcoPartnership promotes good governance and environmental sustainability at the sub

2012 Mississippi River - Yangtze River

The Mississippi-Yangtze EcoPartnership will focus on experience sharing, technique exchange and demonstration projects in the areas of fisheries monitoring and habitat conservation.

2011 Purdue – CAS Graduated

Assess degradation of terrestrial natural resources due to land use changes and population growth.

2008 Tulane - East China Normal University Graduated

Develop a global model for the sustainability of coastal cities.