Clean Energy and Efficiency
Emissions and Climate Change
Environment and Wildlife

Clean Energy and Efficiency

2013 NRDC-BEEC: Beijing Demand Side Management Graduated

Demand side management to cut energy use in Beijing's buildings.

2013 Stony Brook University - Tongji Innovative Biogas Management

Addressing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills

2012 Columbus/Franklin County-Hefei

To enhance water quality and resilience; to collaborate in developing new electrified vehicle (EV) products to meet new fuel economy standards in China; To explore, develope and demonstrate advanced building systems and construction techniques.

2012 Portland - Kunming Graduated

Transit-oriented planning, bicycle networks, green buildings and growth boundaries.

2012 UCLA - Peking University Graduated

Conduct joint research on smart grids, intelligent vehicles, and electric vehicles.

2011 Duke Energy-Charlotte-ENN-Langfang Graduated

Technology exchange and demonstrations on clean and secure energy.

2011 US and China Business Councils for Sustainable Development Graduated

Link manufacturers so waste streams from one can serve as feed stocks for another.


Environment and Wildlife

2011 Utah-Qinghai Graduated

National Park Development Protection

2008 Tulane - East China Normal University Graduated

Develop a global model for the sustainability of coastal cities.